Wi-Fi Gaining Traction in Sri Lanka

Wi-Fi hotspots might be a more important platform for Internet access across South Asia than many presently believe.  

Chanuka Wattegama, board director of the Information and Communication Technology Agency in Sri Lanka, said Sri Lanka has a low-cost Wi-Fi project that offers the first 100MB for free each month.

About 40 percent of users manage to stay under the 100 MB mark, he said. Perhaps paradoxically, some larger mobile operators seem to believe highly available Wi-Fi helps theire business, while smaller providers fear the low-cost Wi-Fi service is a threat.


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Which platforms will win the race to connect the next two billion in Asia?

  • Licensing use of spectrum impossible to use in the past
  • Sharing spectrum without clearing existing users
  • Wi-Fi, balloons, new satellite constellations and other new platforms

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