Thursday, May 5, 2016

FCC Says Set-Top Monopoly is a Big Issue; Consumers Might Not Care

As the U.S. Federal Communications Commission moves towards requiring third party supply of decoders used to receive linear TV programming, a survey by Leichtman Research suggests consumers do not care too much about renting decoders.

“Pay-TV subscribers tend to express little enmity toward set-top boxes,” Leichtman Research suggests.

Some 20 percent of respondents to a Leichtman Research poll agree that  “set-top boxes from TV companies are a waste of money.” On the other hand, 44 percent of respondents disagree with the statement.

About 42 percent of respondents agree that set-top boxes from TV companies provide features that add value to the TV service. Some 16 percent disagree that the boxes add value.

The study also found that 77 percent  of TV sets in pay-TV households have a service provider set-top box, with a mean of 2.2 boxes per pay-TV household.  

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