Thursday, May 5, 2016

Survey Shows Heavy Industry Leading IoT Deployments

In 2016, 43 percent of organizations will either already be using the Internet of Things or be implementing it within their environments, according to Gartner's survey of 465 IT and business professionals.

Some 29 percent of respondents already have deployed IoT technologies. Some 14 percent expect to do so in 2016.

"Heavy" industries, including utilities, energy suppliers and manufacturers are lead users at present, with 56 percent of businesses in those categories indicating that they will have implemented IoT by year's end.

"Up until now, the leading adopters of IoT have been more the industrial, heavy-industry-type businesses" involved in mining, manufacturing and the like, Gartner research Chet Geschickter, said.

Manufacturing and utilities are currently the top industry verticals currently driving the Internet of Things (IoT), says Jim Tully, Gartner VP.

In 2015, manufacturers had an estimated 307 million installed devices while utility companies had deployed 299 million. Those two verticals are responsible for over 600 million of the IoT devices currently in use.

"This makes intuitive sense; control systems using sensors have always been an integral part of manufacturing and automation processes, and we certainly see a lot of smart meter deployments by utilities leading to energy efficiency improvements and operations like automatic billing, energy management and monitoring," said Tully.

Geschickter noted that demand from consumer- and service-oriented companies in "light" industries is picking up. By the end of the current year, 36 percent of these businesses will have implemented IoT technologies.

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