Monday, July 31, 2017

Boot Camp for a Radically-Different World

The non-profit PTC has for some time held training events for mid-career professionals. This year, for the first time, PTC has organized a week-long program of value to promising members of regulatory and policy organization staffs.

At the Industry Transformation Boot Camp (including Spectrum Futures and PTC Academy), students will learn:

  • Strategy for a business consolidating from 810 service providers to 105, in 10 years
  • What drives the change
  • What industry structure will emerge
  • How revenue will be earned
  • How 5G sets the stage
  • Who wins, who loses, as part of the change
  • How to prepare for the changes

The educational event earns students a certificate of completion, and also immerses them in tutorials and case study exercises preparing them for the most-rapid transformation of the telecom industry in half a century.

The week-long training event, including Spectrum Futures and PTC Academy curricula,  especially is designed to train top-level and mid-career staff on what is coming and why.

Full week discounts are available, especially for organizations who may wish to send several staff members.

Email to discuss the Boot Camp program.

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