Saturday, July 22, 2017

Enterprise Customers More Satisfied than Small Business Customers (No Surprise)

Small businesses are significantly less satisfied with their telecom providers than large enterprise customers, the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Business Wireline Satisfaction Study reports.

Small business customers face longer customer service wait times, lower problem resolution rates and less dedicated account support, all of which contribute to lower overall satisfaction with their telecom providers, J.D. Power says.

“Dedicated account support,” as many of you would guess, is part of the reason. Customers who have an account representative assigned to their business have notably higher levels of overall satisfaction  (834) than those who contact a general call center (751).

Customers with a representative also have a more positive brand image of their provider and are more likely to characterize their telecom company as customer focused. Large enterprise customers are most likely to have an account representative (61 percent), of course.

The widest gaps in satisfaction between large enterprise businesses and very small businesses are in communication (804 vs. 701, respectively); cost of service (789 vs. 672); and customer service (818 vs. 695).

The average customer service hold time is 5.3 minutes for large enterprise customers; 5.9 minutes for small/midsize business customers; and 8.9 minutes for very small business customers.

“The small business telecom customer experience is very similar to the residential customer experience vs. large enterprise customers who are receiving a much higher level of dedicated service,” said Peter Cunningham, technology, media & telecommunications practice lead at J.D. Power.

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