Saturday, July 22, 2017

Shocking, Massive Changes Coming for Telecom

Not often is a slow-moving industry confronted by cataclysmic rates of change. But that is precisely what the telecom industry faces now. "Massive consolidation" and "spectacular change" are the ways Capgemini has characterized what is coming.

One example of the rate of change: Where today there are 800 telcos globally, by 2025 only about 105 will still exist, says Bell Labs. So within a decade, the industry will see the most-shocking consolidation in its history.

For most of its history, telecommunications was a monopoly, expensive and used by relatively few people. That meant one set of regulatory and policy issues, mostly centered on how to manage prices in a slow-moving utility industry.

All that changed in the late 1980s, when a global wave of privatization and competition began to take shape. For the first time, the policy framework shifted to ways to dismantle the monopoly regime and replace it with competitive markets.

We are entering another new era, with unprecedented new challenges for policymakers:
  • The business model is challenged, and could break
  • Some countries might be forced back to “monopoly” facilities
  • Revenue growth will come mostly from non-human use cases
  • All the old revenue drivers will decline
  • “Telecom” might not be the way the new industry develops

To prepare telecom professionals for all those changes, the PTC has created a new program called “Industry Transformation Boot Camp,” a week-long program explaining what is coming; why it is coming; what people plan to do about it; and why 5G will play such a prominent role in determining the outcome.

At the same time, as the wisdom of “everyone sells” has proven to be valuable, the next phase of industry transformation will require an “everyone thinks like a CEO” attitude, so fast, and so furious, will the changes be coming.

Created from two elements--Spectrum Futures (5G) and PTC Academy (“think like a CEO”), the boot camp will clearly explain what will happen (massive industry consolidation; business model collapse) and why. More importantly, boot camp attendees will learn why the changes are happening; what can be done to hasten the transformations and where the opportunities and dangers lie.

18–19 SEPTEMBER 2017
Spectrum Futures 2017




Bring your team to Spectrum Futures 2017, book your registration, and save 20% per person when you register with a group of three or more.*
Taking place 18–19 September in Bangkok, Thailand, Spectrum Futures is gearing up for the “Industry Transformation Boot Camp," a new training program coordinated with the PTC Academy, PTC’s training event for Asia telecom professionals.
During the "Industry Transformation Boot Camp," invest in two days of in-depth discovery and the latest updates in mobile and 5G, completed by three days of PTC Academy, to master the intelligence and broader strategic context of the telecom industry.
Register now for the "Industry Transformation Boot Camp" – Spectrum Futures 2017 and PTC Academy, take advantage of exclusive group discounts available, and leap your career for success.
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