Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Samsung Edges Apple in Consumer Satisfaction, in U.S. Market

Samsung has "a home run with its Galaxy S III and Note II," the American Customer Satisfaction Index says. 
Samsung’s flagship model for 2012, the S III, got an ACSI benchmark of 84 (on a 0 to 100 scale), beating Apple’s iPhone 5 at 82. 
Another Samsung model, Note II, shares the top of list at 84. The rankings undoubtedly provide some "headline" boost for Samsung, but the scores might also be said to be comparable. 

There is no way to determine what the "margin of error" might be, so such consumer satisfaction scores might reasonably be said to be a better indicator of broad sentiment than anything else It's hard to say just what a point or two of ranking actually means.

A difference in the double digits might be a more important indicator. 
Smartphone Customer Satisfaction 2013
While U.S. customers give Samsung’s smartphones the top scores, Korean consumers prefer Apple. According to the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) in South Korea, which uses the same technology as the ACSI, the iPhone 5 has higher customer satisfaction than Galaxy S III.

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