Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tizen Travails

Mobile service providers are starting to shift more marketing support to mobile operating systems other than Apple iOS or Android, trying to gain a bit more leverage over suppliers of devices using either of those two operating systems. 

Tizen, the Linus-based operating system backed by Samsung and Intel, has been considered one of the new OS alternatives in the mobile handset business, but there are some signs its backers are rethinking the value of a new operating system that has not yet attracted a wide range of application support.

These days, an OS to a great extent can be successful only to the extent it can create a robust developer community, able to supply lots of popular applications. It doesn't appear Tizen has been able to do so. 

So there is new thinking about new interest in Android, especially on Intel's part. And Firefox and Windows Phone are contending as well for what most expect will be the number-three spot in mobile operating system share. 

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