Friday, July 5, 2013

TDS Fiberville: One More Way Google Fiber Has Changed U.S. Internet Access

TDS Telecommunications Corp. now is using a “Fiberville” concept to introduce social inducements for potential customers of its new optical fiber access network, apparently inspired by Google Fiber’s pioneering use of the “Fiberhood” concept to identify early adopter populations.

TDS is expanding its fiber access network in Concord, Tenn. and parts of Knoxville, Tenn. The Fiberville concept offers benefits for potential customers who pre-subscribe. The offers and discounts include free whole-home installation, when any neighborhood qualifies for Fiberville status.

If 15 percent of residents in a neighborhood sign up before a deadline, each of the pre-subscribed homes is eligible for a free lifetime upgrade, including either high-definition programming or Internet speed.

TDS has divided these new fiber-served areas into neighborhoods, each of which has the opportunity to become a “Fiberville” by having residents pre-register for TDS TV.

Neighborhoods with high TDS TV pre-registration rates will qualify for Fiberville status and will receive exclusive offers and discounts.

As did Google Fiber, TDS has created a web site that allows potential buyers to track their neighborhood’s progress toward Fiberville status on the new web site.

Aside from showing it is possible to use social principles to improve initial takeup of new high-speed access services, Google Fiber more importantly is likely responsible for faster and more extensive deployment of higher-speed Internet access networks by competitors.

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