Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yuilop Calling/Texting App Launches in U.S.

Yuilop, a cloud-based communications app popular in Europe, has launched in the U.S. market, offering unlimited, national calls and text messages in the domestic U.S. market, and no incremental charge international calling (you need to earn credits to do so), even to friends and family who don’t have the app.

Yuilop’s business model based on use of a virtual currency that is earned when users talk to to non-Yuilop users  or convince them to join the network. Credits also are earned when talking with another Yuilop user, using the app, or engaging with promotions such as sponsored content or ads.

Yuilop has not yet gone with a “freemium” model that would allow users to buy credits, but that certainly is within the realm of possibility and logic.

In the United States, Germany and Spain, yuilop provides users with a free unique yuilop mobile number called Having a number enables users to receive credit for most inbound calls and SMS and reduces or eliminates the need for credit for makes outbound calls or SMS. Currently, SMS from Germany and Spain to the United States, and text messages sent within the United States are free.

Yuilop says it has “built the whole architecture on open standards” such as xmpp and the mobile number (MSISDN).

That means Yuilop users can call and message non-Yuilop users at no incremental charge.

Yuilop  is available for download for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

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