Microsoft Preps Global Wi-Fi Hotspot Access Service

Microsoft appears to be readying a new business-focused global Wi-Fi hotspot service representing perhaps 10 million hotspots in 130 countries across the globe.

Speculation is that the new service will build on the existing Skype Wi-Fi service, which federates Boingo, Xfinity Wi-Fi, and Gowex hotspots in the United States and access points from BT and The Cloud in the United Kingdom.

Customers using Skype as part of  the Microsoft Work and Play Bundle, which costs $149 (£98) a year, will be able to access Microsoft Wi-Fi.

It isn't entirely clear whether they'll have to pay extra for the privilege with Skype credit, or other means.

People who bought a Surface 2 tablet with a Skype Wi-Fi Bundle will also get Microsoft Wi-Fi, as will employees of organizations with Office 365 for enterprise.

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