Saturday, July 11, 2015

Amazon Web Services Added 516 Major New Features and Services in 2014; on Pace to Beat in 2015

Amazon Web Services launched 516 major new features and services in 2014, said Amazon Web Services Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels.

Nobody would be surprised if Amazon adds even more features and services than that in 2015, extending a lead it holds in public cloud computing.

A RightScale survey of cloud computing professionals found 30 percent of respondents using only public cloud, while five percent use only private cloud. Some 58 percent use a hybrid approach.

The RightScale survey also found 57 percent run applications on AWS, up from 54 percent a year earlier.

Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform and infrastructure posted a combined score 19 percent.
Google’s App Engine was used by eight percent of survey respondents. An additional five percent use Google’s infrastructure products.

Microsoft is seeing significantly better traction in large enterprises. About 19 percent of enterprise users aid that they used Azure’s infrastructure products.

Some 15 percent of enterprise cloud users said that they used Azure’s platform as a service products. 50 percent of enterprise users say that they have applications running on AWS, up from 49 percent in 2014.

Smaller businesses tend to prefer AWS, though. Fully 61 percent of respondents who work at companies with fewer than 1,000 employees said that they have applications running on AWS, compared to nine percent who have workloads running on Azure’s “infrastructure as a service” products.
Long term, that might benefit AWS as startups grow bigger and continue to use AWS.
It might be easy enough to argue that Amazon innovates rapidly to maintain its lead. It might be equally fair to say that Amazon innovates fast because that is among the fundamental requirements of modern computing.

Amazon identifies, and says it responds to, six key trends in computing.

Major Computing Trends, Amazon Response
move quickly
spin up, spin down services
focus on core competence
provide infrastructure
rent rather than own servers
event-driven services
multiple certifications
mobile support
host back end services
make data work
machine learning

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