Consumer Segment a bright spot for BT Revenue

BT faces many issues in common with other European Community telecom service providers, with flat to declining revenue growth being the most salient issue.

BT also faces the possible divestiture of its wholesale Openreach business, representing about 28 percent of total revenue. BT obviously considers the ownership of that chunk of the business important, in part because it represents a stable revenue segment.

Virtually all other revenue drivers have fallen since the 2009/2010 financial year, with the exception of the consumer segment, where sales of video subscriptions are growing.

The consumer segment represents about 24 percent of total revenue.

Mobile net additions and high speed access also show growth.

In the most-recent quarter ending June 30, 2015, revenue was down about two percent.

Global Services dropped about six percent, while BT Business dropped about two percent.

The consumer segment grew three percent while wholesale shrank about one percent.

Openreach was essentially flat.
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