Sometimes we forget why we do things. This is a reminder

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Nokia invites you to a debate on how technology can truly serve humanity.
20 years ago, on this very day, an epic journey was started. A journey of connecting millions of Indians with the help of a revolutionary technology. It was the day when the first mobile call was made in India on a Nokia handset, using a network built by Nokia.
Today as Nokia celebrates the 20th anniversary of mobile telephony in India and the 150th year of its existence, the torchbearer of mobile technology is turning a new leaf. Nokia in association with The Economic Times, is bringing #maketechhuman, a global debate about the human possibilities of technology and the positive and even negative impacts that technological developments may have on people's lives, to India. The aim is to engage major influencers in the technology field in India adding their own voices and perspectives to the conversation in the context of emerging and unique economies like India.
maketechhuman enabled by NOKIA
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