Ultra-Low Latency Not Needed by All, or Most Apps, But Mobile Networks Will be Designed to Support Them

One often hears it said that one-millisecond latency is a useful or necessary attribute of network performance for a relatively small number of applications. That is true. 

But the applications requiring such responsiveness are important because lives are at stake, as in the case of autonomous vehicles, or for the realism of an experience, as for augmented reality.

Networks, though, are designed and dimensioned for the most-stringent apps, even when many--or even most--other apps do not require that level of performance.

So future fifth generation networks will be designed to support the most-stringent apps, in terms of latency and bandwidth, despite being a case of "overkill" for most other apps.

Bandwidth and latency requirements of potential 5G use cases

source:  GSMA Intelligence
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