Thursday, November 19, 2015

Comcast Stream TV Usage Does Not Count As "Usage" for Internet Access Customers, Nor Should It

“Stream TV” is a managed video service sold by Comcast. For that reason, Comcast high speed Internet access customers are not charged for usage when they watch Stream TV content, any more than they are charged data usage when watching linear TV.

Consumer managed services that happen to use IP are exempt from all network neutrality rules. That applies to carrier voice or messaging, as well, for example.

In some quarters, zero rating is viewed as a violation of network neutrality rules, not in the sense of violating the rule about “best effort” access, but because, some say, zero rating does not “treat all bits equally,” in a business model sense.

For such reasons, some object to T-Mobile US allowing access to all compliant streaming audio or streaming video services without any charges against a mobile Internet service plan bucket, despite the obvious consumer benefits.

Some might argue network neutrality does not--or should not--apply to business models, pricing, terms and conditions for Internet access services.

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