Monday, November 30, 2015

Mobile Data Services Now Drive Global Mobile Operator Revenue Growth

At least one global trend--adoption of mobile Internet access services--has sharpened over the last couple of years. On a global basis, adoption of mobile services has reached maturity, though growth lies ahead in some regions, especially Africa.

Other trends continue unabated. According to the International Telecommunications Union, fixed telephone subscriptions have declined from 15.2 to 14.5 per 100 persons. That abandonment of fixed network voice and growth of mobile  while mobile subscriptions have reached 98.6 percent.

Fixed network high speed access has grown slightly, from 10.3 to 10.8 per 100 inhabitants.

Growth in the penetration of active mobile-broadband subscriptions has, however, been very sharp, rising from 37.2 to an estimated 47.2 per 100 persons over the last twelve months alone.

Mobile broadband services, falling prices and the rapidly growing use of smartphones and tablets are driving that trend, the ITU says.  

Individual use of Internet and household access to it have continued their steady rates of growth, from 40.6 and 43.4 per cent, respectively, to 43.9 and 46.4 per cent at the global level.

One trend seems clear enough: “mobile broadband” is the way most people now are getting access to the Internet, globally.
source: ITU

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