Monday, January 25, 2016

Good Intentions Not Enough for Satellite, Mobile, SMB Internet Access

Where it comes to subsidized Internet access by satellite, good intentions apparently are not enough. The U.K. government has spent The £60 million scheme to provide satellite Internet access to 300,000 locations.

So far, just 24 people have signed up for the service, provided by Avanti and BT, where the government pays for a arge part of the installation cost. Users pay the recurring service costs.

Apparently, just £8,000 of the subsidy funds have been spent,

The contract was between satellite company Avanti and BT.

The apparent lack of consumer interest in the program apparently is not unusual.

The government encountered similar problems with its SME broadband voucher scheme, intended to provide grants for faster web access of up to £3,000 in 2013, and with a mobile infrastructure program.

The government allocated £150 million to add new cell towers, but managed to erect just eight towers, out of a projected 600.

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