86% of Enterprises Plan to Have SDN Deployed by 2016

A survey of 153 medium and large businesses found nearly 80 percent planning to implement SDN technology in the data center  in 2017, Infonetics Research, a unit of IHS Inc., said. More than six in 10 of the respondents were either conducting or planning to launch SDN lab trials this year.

SDN investments have been growing about 192 percent, according to Infonetics Research. Some 86 percent of polled enterprises planned to have SDN live by 2016, a 2014 survey suggested, while SDN investments are predicted to grow 15 times by 2019.  

SDN benefits are expected to include lower capital expense, lower operating costs and higher productivity. Automated disaster recovery and support of hybrid cloud operations also are drivers.

The ability to  monitor application traffic patterns in the network is expected to lower capital expense.

SDN used to automate provisioning of application services and networking hardware such as servers and switches, lowering operating costs.

Companies planned to apply SDN in automated application deployment, optimized network traffic flow and moving virtual machines is expected to boost productivity.

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