Bharti Airtel Is Now World’s 3rd Largest Telecom Company

Bharti Airtel has passed China Unicom to become World’s third-largest telecom company in the world, based on subscribers. Airtel now has 303 million subscribers, while China Unicom has 299 million subscribers, according to WCIS (World Cellular Information Service).

WCIS is a global telecom research tool powered by data analysis firm Informa Telecoms and Media (ITM) Research.

Out of 303 million customers of Bharti Airtel, 228.25 million are based in India, and the rest are from 17 countries in Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Globally, the largest telecom company is China Mobile, with  626  million customers. Vodafone is second largest,  with 440 million customers.

Top 3 Telecom Operators in the World

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