Reliance Jio Plans to Disrupt India Mobile Market

When Reliance Jio enters the Indian mobile market, it will do so offering voice and data services at about half--or possibly less than half--of current market tariffs. Some potential competitors believe it is possible voice services could be offered free.

In a market where voice services represent 80 percent of industry revenues, that would likely satisfy anybody’s definition of a disruptive attack.

Reliance Jio will offer data and voice services at half or less than half the current rates at Rs. 300-500 a month, Ambani said in June 2015 at the Reliance Industries annual meeting.

Few would expect the price attack to last forever, however. A reasonable expectation is a year-long assault that reshapes market share, making Reliance the fourth-largest mobile service provider, and likely dooming a number of smaller firms to failure in the process.
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