Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Amazon a New Sales Channel for Comcast

Virtualization is one of the key byproducts of a shift to Internet apps and processes. Virtualization is a key objective of coming next-generation networks and app ecosystems.

Virtualization has affected sales and fulfillment channels, especially for digital or content products, as well as transaction processes.

And virtualization might be embracing more aspects of retailing. Comcast now will allow customers to order services from Comcast directly from Amazon. And though fulfillment still will require physical operations on the part of Comcast, customer service apparently also will be possible directly from Amazon.

The issue now is how far that interface can be pushed. To the extent that small businesses actually order and use Comcaste products in ways similar to those of Comcast consumer accounts, does some amount of small business sales shift to Amazon?

Over time, can additional business class services likewise be shifted to Amazon for transaction support? And, if so, can products sold to mid-sized businesses be packaged in ways that allow them to be sold directly by Amazon?

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