Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Data-Only PLans from T-Mobile US?

In a clear sign of the times, T-Mobile US reportedly is launching data-only plans, confirming both the way many people use smartphones (lots of applications other than voice), the importance of text messaging as a mobile communications channel and the ability some users might have to rely solely on over the top VoIP for voice services.

T-Mobile US will launch “Simple Choice Data-Only” rate plans on March 30, 2016, according to TmoNews.

source: Nielsen

Plans are said to offer:
  • 2GB for $20 per month
  • 6GB for $35
  • 10GB for $50
  • 14GB for $65
  • 18GB for $80
  • 22GB for $95

We often note that mobile data drives revenue and revenue growth for many mobile service providers. We less frequently note that most people now “talk less” than they used to, and “text more,” but all those trends are factors making the new rumored plan viable and interesting for some users.

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