Friday, March 4, 2016

CenturyLink to Launch Own Video Streaming Service

CenturyLink is testing it own streaming video service in four markets. As planned, the service will allow CenturyLink to expand the number of locations within its fixed network footprint where it can offer entertainment TV services.

At the moment, Prism TV, the CenturyLink linear video service, has limited reach. CenturyLink Prism TV passed 3.2 million homes in 2015.

Prism Stream will work on high speed Internet access lines supporting just 10 Mbps, instead of the 25 Mbps otherwise required for Prism TV.

CenturyLink provides high speed access to well in excess of six million homes across its footprint, and passes more than 22.2 million homes in total.

Prism Stream might mean an additional 12 percent of potential buyers will be able to use Prism Stream, where only about 7.6 percent can buy Prism TV, at least according to 2014 statistics.

CenturyLink Download Speed
Percent of People Able to Buy
Down >768k Up >200k
Down >3M Up >768k
Download > 768k
Download > 1.5M
Download > 3M
Download > 6M
Download > 10M
Download > 25M
Download > 50M
Download > 100M
Download > 1G

source: Broadband Map

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