Tuesday, March 22, 2016

China Mobile, True, StarHub Mobile Partner for IoT

Some existing revenue opportunities for mobile service providers and access providers require scale. Content apps and entertainment video services provide examples.

That also will be the case for developing new businesses with high potential revenue impact, such as Internet of Things applications and services, which require heavy investment and promotion. Such investment requires substantial markets to recover the investment costs.

In many cases, IoT opportunities will be based in specific verticals (industries), requiring cross-border or international sales and operations, as well as specific development of systems that cannot be easily replicated in other industries. That will be costly.

For that reason, partnerships between large tier-one carriers and smaller carriers will emerge as a key means by which smaller carriers can get into the application and platform parts of the IoT business.

So it is that Thailand’s TrueMove and Singapore’s StarHub Mobile have joined China Mobile to support research, roaming and other resources in the IoT space.

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