How Much of $152 Billion in Connected Car Revenues Will Mobile Ops Get?

Services related to the connected car market will generate as much as $152 billion by 2020, including the value of hardware and software, according to Business Insider Intelligence.

Relatively little of the total revenue is likely to be generated by the “access” function (the equivalent of a mobile or fixed network Internet access subscription). Most of the revenue will be reaped by providers of services or apps, which suggests the direction mobile service providers are likely to continue taking in the connected car markets.

One reasonable hypothesis is that auto industry related firms are in position to win most of the revenue, as the biggest categories are vehicle management and safety. In those market segments, mobile service providers are likely to be supplies of access, more than the actual application or service providers.

Mobile providers logically should do best in the mobility management area, and could be significant providers in the driver assistance, entertainment or well being apps categories, to mention a few possible segments.

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