Monday, August 23, 2010

Five Key Trends To Watch In Unified Communications

IT leaders are rethinking their voice and UC deployment plans, says consultant Irwin Lazar. Those technologies with demonstrable cost savings such as SIP trunking (96 percent are deploying, planning to deploy, or evaluating SIP trunking) continue to move forward.

But replacement of TDM endpoints with IP has slowed as IT managers struggle with the costs associated with infrastructure upgrades at a time when mobility and telecommuting raise questions about return from such investments.

UC adoptions continue to increase, with nearly 88 percent of companies having at least some UC plans. Delivering on-premise web conferencing as part of a Microsoft Office Communications Server installation is gaining traction; while adding click-to-call or desktop video to supplement voice is more difficult to justify.

Video deployments continue to increase, but usually require some business case, such as reducing travel costs.

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