Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Verizon Business Introduces Hybrid Cloud Computing Solution

Verizon Business and VMware have launched a new enterprise-class hybrid cloud solution that will enable enterprises to move their applications to the cloud more quickly without compromising security or performance.

The hybrid solution allows enterprise managers to use all their existing VMware tools "in the cloud," just as if they were interacting with the local data centers. All existing firewall and other security measures usable in a local data center also are available when using the cloud computing service as well.

That eases operational chores, maintains security, and also allows managers to gradually test and use cloud computing services without a "flash cut" to the new paradigm. Most enterprise information technology managers are being asked to test cloud computing, but every manager also is responsible for ensuring that current operations are not endangered or disrupted.

The new hybrid capability allows VMware customers to use cloud computing for some tasks and in-house facilities for other activities.

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