Deutsche Telekom Metrics Improve

Deutsche Telekom has been clear for some time about it strategy to maintain leadership in the European communications market, a strategy that has made T-Mobile US an asset to be monetized.

Somewhat ironically, then, T-Mobile US stands out, even within the context of improving metrics for Deutsche Telekom overall. DT noted that T-Mobile US had grown to become the third-biggest U.S. carrier in the quarter, for example.

In the second quarter of 2015, revenue grew by 15.3 percent to EUR 17.4 billion, with organic revenue growth of 5.7 percent.

Adjusted EBITDA improved by 13.5 percent to EUR 5.0 billion, with organic growth of 6.7 percent.

T-Mobile US adjusted EBITDA by 22.8 percent. Adjusted net profit up by almost 70 percent.

Despite subscriber growth, and in part because DT is investing heavily to modernize its networks, net profit was basically flat, year over year. Free cash flow grew 31 percent, while debt grew 18 percent.

Mobile revenue grew 8.8 percent but fixed network revenue declined 2.7 percent.

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