Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Half of Free Basics Users Buy Mobile Internet Access Within 30 Days

Half of all “Free Basics” users buy a data plan from their mobile service provider within 30 days of trying Facebook's free service, said Emeka Afigbo, Facebook's manager for product partnerships for Middle East and Africa.

Mobile operators receive no compensation from Facebook or, and give away mobile Internet access to Free Basics users.

The perceived--and apparently real--upside is the chance to acquaint new users to the value of mobile Internet access and key Internet apps themselves.

Free Basics is offered in 37 countries, though Egypt and India have banned the service.

Some 25 million people have used the service, with six million users added since January of 2016.

If the conversion rates everywhere were to reach levels in the Middle East and Africa, potentially 12 million new mobile Internet customers would have been added in developing nations since Free Basics launched.

But there is far to go. Free Basics now is available to 1.67 percent of the potential population of the target nations representing around 1.4 billion people.

Other ISPs might be interested in a graphic Facebook has released about its 10-year roadmap. On the agenda: virtual reality, artificial intelligence and “connectivity.”

Connectivity includes drones, satellites, terrestrial solutions, telco infrastructure.

Source: Facebook

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