Monday, April 18, 2016

Verizon Readies New FiOS IP Video Service

In addition to its go90 mobile video streaming service, Verizon appears close to launching a new managed video service to run over its FiOS network, but with features more like an over the top streaming service, though it apparently will require use of a Verizon decoder, as does the current FiOS TV service, Variety reports.  

Both go90 and the new TV service show Verizon is serious about its belief that linear TV is not going to be the dominant delivery method in the future.

Observers believe the new service will incorporate additional services such as AOL and Netflix, using the “menu” approach common to smart TVs and Internet TV dongles.

In the past, many have questioned how well firms such as Verizon (and other telcos) would perform in the entertainment video markets. It is not a core competency, many would argue.

That is true, but arguably is true for virtually all participants in IP content, app and service ecosystems who move into adjacencies.

One might argue that devices and video streaming are not core competencies for Amazon. One might argue Internet access, devices, self driving cars, artificial intelligence and most apps other than search are not core competencies for Google.

One might argue Facebook’s core competence is not messaging, or that cable TV companies would never be “good” at selling communications services to enterprises and mid-market businesses.

None of that has mattered.

These days, participants moving into adjacencies is simply part of business strategy in competitive markets.

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