Friday, April 8, 2016

No "Telco QoE Trading Model" Can Emerge if Network Neutrality Stands

Consultant Martin Geddes has argued for some time that service provider platforms essentially could be likened to resource trading platforms, where, “rather than selling raw mechanisms, telcos can sell (proxies for) different levels of QoE outcomes and associated business risk.”

Network neutrality rules obviously are a challenge to such roles, as the ability to create different products hinges on the ability to clearly create performance distinction. Network neutrality rules bar the creation of such distinctiveness.
“This demand-centric service model allows for managed user QoE risk, with tiered QoE levels linked to ability to pay,” says Geddes. “The billing model evolves from pure quantity to variable “quantities of quality” with different resilience levels.”
In this model, what is traded are “quality of experience” products. And network neutrality rules make creation of such products unlawful.

Antitrust protection is a reasonable issue. But QoE is not such a problem, one might argue.

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