Wednesday, February 3, 2010

14% of Information Workers Use Web Conferencing Daily or Weekly

By some surveys, such as this study by Forrester Research, Web conferencing tools still have quite some ways to grow.

Only about 14 percent of information workers use Web conferencing daily or weekly (click on image for larger view).

About a quarter say they use Web conferencing, compared to 26 percent who say they use instant messaging, for example.

The Forrester Research survey of  2,001 U.S. information workers were "a little surprising," the company says.

Despite the heavy investment by a majority of firms, Web conferencing is still used by only one in four information workers. "Given the benefits of real-time collaboration for bridging the distances that divide many teams, it’s troubling that so few information workers use Web meeting technology regularly, Forrester researchers say.

Only four percent of information workers use Web conferencing daily. Workers in this high-need
group are dominated by customer-facing employees in sales and marketing.

For 10 percent of information workers, Web conferencing is a weekly activity, largely driven by customer-facing workers.

About 76 percent of information workers don’t use Web conferencing at all.


andy said...

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BrianTiller said...

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