30% of U.S. Households Don't Use the Internet

Despite the growing importance of the Internet in American life, over 30 percent of households and 35 percent of persons do not use the Internet at home, and 30 percent of all persons do not use the Internet anywhere, say researchers at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Those with no broadband access at home amount to more than 35 percent of all households and approximately 40 percent of all persons, with a larger proportion in rural areas in both categories.

The two most important reasons given by survey respondents for not having broadband access at home are “don’t need” and “too expensive." But many survey respondents also say their PCs are "inadequate" or that no computer is available.


Cyberdoyle said…
about the same in the UK, mainly because half the country can't get decent broadband worth paying for. Many rural areas here still on dial up.
Donak RV said…
It wouldn't surprise me if Australia is the same -I've lived in a regional area, and I'm sure there are many without internet. What's more, using internet kiosks and cafes there tend to be twice the price of the cities, but atleast the local library offers free internet with a limit to 1 hr a day...

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