Wednesday, February 10, 2010

IT Professionals Don't Think Much of Enterprise Communications, Study Suggests

In a recent survey of 544 information technology professionals, Freeform Dynamics discovered that relatively few U.K. and U.S. IT professionals are satisfied that their communications capabilities are highly efficient and effective.

Except for firms with fewer than 10 employees, less than 20 percent of respondents indicated their communications capabilities were, in fact, very well suited to current business requirements.

You may take that as a good sign that much upside continues to exist for unified and advanced communications that IT professionals believe really help their organizations perform more effectively.

But you might also take it as a sign that the industry, collectively, has done a poor job of creating and delivering on solutions that IT professionals believe are well suited to business requirements. Either way, the Freeform Dynamics study suggests there is much opportunity to provide solutions that actually are perceived to deliver value.

One is tempted to say we haven't done a very good job with unified communications, but it might be worse than that. We might not have done such a great job with communications, period.

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